lawn care

Looking after your new Morton Gamble lawn is easy. Just follow the following steps:

1 – It is very important to walk on the lawn as little as possible over the next 2/3 weeks (just for watering and mowing purposes really). The lawn is still in its early days and needs to get well rooted.

2 – Water it with a sprinkler for the next 10 days and so on during dry periods. It is best to water for 2 hours every night after the sun is no longer on it and move the sprinkler around so that all areas are covered.

3 – If you see corners of the lawn being lifted (with sometimes small dug up holes underneath) or very small dead patches forming don’t worry this is foxes or cats. Just pat the corners back down (and fill the holes if need be) and the dead patches will grow over. If this becomes a major problem you can get anti fox/cats repellent from most nurseries.

4 – Mowing – Trim the tops of the grass leaves as soon as it starts to grow (this could be as soon as 5 days in some circumstances). Mowing little and often is advisable i.e. mow on a high setting as often as twice a week.

5 – Feed – we have given the lawn enough feed for 3 months, after this time though feeding the lawn every season (with lawn feed from Homebase etc) will give the lawn the nutrients that it needs.